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Read about our assets.
See how the WOODENFACTORY houses are designed!!

Our strongest asset is the modern technology used to design and build our houses. Learn the secrets of WOODENFACTORY! It is the beauty of the wild nature combined with the latest achievements of technology.

WOODENFACTORY is not only a summer house. Thanks to using the technology we created an elegant house which is easy to build and where it is possible to live all year round. Our houses have ventilation, heating, sewage system and even the electrical wiring.


Our all-year houses are placed on a carefully manufactured foundation board. Such board must be even and flat. The foundation is made by professional staff according to our detailed requirements.

We take a good care of the precision! We focus even on the smallest details! In this way it is easier to avoid situations when the inaccuracies in the foundation may complicate the assembly. In the case of summer and recreational houses it is possible to assemble them also on the columns made of the concrete blocks.




The frame of our house is a durable and modern construction and the material used are heat treated and four-sides planed wood, the coniferous construction wood KVH with the bevelled edges.

The modular system used by us is popular in Canada, the USA and Scandinavia where the modules of the walls, ceilings and foundations are constructed out of the wooden elements creating a solid frame stabilized also by the wood-based plates of the OSB type. Such a frame is then filled with the wood, mineral or glass wool.

In our houses we also use the innovative technology based on the steel construction frames that add the durability and stability to the construction. WOODENFACTORY is durability and reliability!




The external walls of our house are made mostly of the gypsum-plaster board or wood with a thickness of 12 mm. Thanks to that the walls perfectly maintain the temperature, insulate the moisture and simply – breathe! The elements ready to be assembled are equipped with installation channels that enable joining the sewerage and water piping as well as leading the electric wires.

- We focus on each wall because each of them has given functions! In order to additionally enhance the comfort of living and the reliability of the WOODENFACTORY houses, the walls are complemented by:

- vapor barrier foil that limits the flow of moisture into the wall and protects the insulation and the construction of the building against dampness;

- wood, mineral or glass wool as an additional layer of thermal insulation with a thickness adjusted to the character of the building;

- wind barrier and vapor-permeable foil that protects the building against the wind and moisture from the outside ensuring vapor transmission from the inside of the wall to the outside of the building;

- additional outer planking that stiffens the frame construction and functions also as an acoustic insulation of the external wall and the foundation under elevation;

- coated steel sheet, wooden boards or mineral, acrylic or silicate plaster to finish the walls.








The construction of ceiling and roof is based on the classical and reliable wooden beam. The construction system is a modern wooden lattice truss of the KVH wood which is also a construction for mounting the underslung ceiling using the particleboard or the gypsum-fibre boards.

The roof covering is made of the corrosion resistant steel sheet tile or the EPDM foil. The space below the roof covering is filled with the thermal insulation, the same as for the external walls. All of these are completed by the gutters and drain pipes. WOODENFACTORY – modernity and functionality!




Setting of external walls is completely optional which means that it is you who decide how to place them in the design phase. WOODENFACTORY is many possibilities of personalization!

The internal walls are made in the construction of the wooden frame. We use the high-quality construction wood KVH. The acoustic and thermal insulation of the walls is made of the mineral wool, the same as for the external walls. The wall cover is the particleboard covered with a wallpaper in most cases. The last phase is painting with a colour chosen by you!







Our houses are equipped in the internal electrical installation made according to the earlier design and requirements. It means that our houses are fully functional! WOODENFACTORY is more than just a summer house! Each of our buildings has own switchboard placed in easily accessible place. It is worth mentioning that every time we check if the installation is accurately made and it works properly.




The water and sewage system is made of materials of the highest quality, the water system is made from copper pipes and fitting, however the sewerage is made of PCV. The internal sewage installation is combined under the floor and then it is connected to the sewage at the stage of mounting the building.








Many of our buildings have their own ventilation. Depending on the design it is mostly made in the gravity, mechanical or mixed ventilation technology. The fresh air flows in through the walls or the foam windows and flows out by the ventilation grilles, fans or the ventilation chimneys. WOODENFACTORY – the houses that breathe! You will feel as in the open air!




WOODENFACTORY are the all-year houses! So we didn’t forget about the heating! A popular form of heating, that doesn’t require place for the boiler, is the usage of electrical heaters. It can be also enhanced by the solar installation that provides reducing the yearly electrical energy demand. It is also possible to use another solution using the freestanding stove fires with wood.

In the houses we can also install the water-jacketed stove connected to the central heating system. There are many possibilities! Equipped with a perfect thermal insulation the houses WOODENFACTORY will be properly heated even if the temperature outside fall well below zero degree!








You have already met the WOODENFACTORY houses and our secrets! Our buildings are made taking care of every detail in order to be fully comfortable and functional. It is time for the finishing touch!


The floors in the rooms are covered with wooden panels with a high abrasion resistance. You choose the pattern and colours! It is also possible to cover the floor with ceramic tiles. All the technological connections of floors are made thanks to the wooden battens of the highest quality, tapes and metal connections.

Finishing of walls and ceilings

The internal cover of walls and ceilings as well as the finishing of walls and ceilings are covered with a plaster-cardboard board painted with a durable, abrasion and stain resistant latex paint. Here you can also choose the colours!

Woodwork of windows and doors

The building are equipped with a full PCV woodwork of windows and doors along with the fittings, both external and internal. We take care of the safety of our buildi

Additions and equipment

All the external installation elements as well as the electric water and sewage installations have proper additions and finishing that you choose by yourself! It concerns all the power plugs, switches, fuse boxes, lighting elements – internal and external, as well as the water batteries, valves, antenna installations and ventilation system. You choose also the roller blinds, additional equipment and furnishing. We give you the choice. WOODENFACTORY are houses in your taste!

Colours and materials

We know how important are your preferences and taste! WOODENFACTORY are houses that we design and create specially for you! It is you who must feel comfortable inside! That is why the colours and used finishing materials are discussed with our Customers already in the design phase. WOODENFACTORY is a selection of choice!